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Pet Care 101: 8 Dog Walking Mistakes You Should Avoid

Pet Care 101: 8 Dog Walking Mistakes You Should Avoid

A crucial part of their TLC regimen for any dog owner is taking their fur baby out for a walk. For most people, it simply involves getting them on a leash and going out of the house for several minutes. Walking out with your pet is simple, but what you may not know is that you're committing certain mistakes in the process.


This article will discuss some of the most common errors that dog owners usually make when taking their pets out for a walk. Read on below to get started.


#1 - Letting Your Dog Lead the Way


One of dog owners’ most common mistakes is letting their dogs lead the way. Even if your dog is well behaved and very intelligent, he will still probably try to take the lead from you.


Dogs are naturally pack animals, and they tend to lead. Once they take the lead, you'll find it more difficult to lead your dog. When you take your dog out for a walk, you have to be in charge. You have to be the alpha and not let your pet control the situation.


#2 - Having Them on a Leash the Entire Walk


While a leash is always recommended, it's not the most comfortable thing for your pet. A leash can make your pet feel restricted, and it can get a little tiring for you when you're walking for an extended period of time.


If you're going for a walk for half an hour, it's a great idea to let your dog off the leash in the area, where it is safe to do so, like your local dog park. This way, you both get to enjoy the walk.


#3 - Not Holding onto the Leash Tightly


Although it's bad to hold onto the leash too tightly, it's also a big mistake not to hold it at all. It's normal to hang on the leash to keep your dog away from a potentially dangerous situation.


If you let go of the leash, your dog might run off into the street, or it might run after some other animal. It's always best to let your dog off the leash and keep it under control while still holding the leash.


#4 - Using an Ill-Fitting Collar


Another big mistake that dog owners usually make is using an ill-fitting collar. All dog collars are designed to hold your dog's activity to a certain degree, but some collars are better than others at this.


It's recommended to try out different collars before buying a new one. Always find a comfortable collar for your dog that doesn't encumber its neck.


#5 - Going through the Same Route Every Time


Similar to humans, dogs can get bored of something quickly. It's important to mix things up and change the route you usually take your pet out on.


It's a good idea to check out different routes and learn about your neighborhood. Try out parks and other public areas, as this will make your dog feel more comfortable with its surroundings.


#6 - Taking Too Long or Too Short During Walks


To make a walk enjoyable for you and your dog, it's best not to take too long or too short of a walk. If you take your dog out for a walk for half an hour, it can get boring for both of you.


If you take too long of a walk, your pet can get tired, and he might even try to lead the way. It's best to take a walk that lasts for 10 minutes or so. You can take your dog out for a long walk once a day. When you take your dog out for a long walk, you should walk slowly because it could get tired.


#7 - Not Having an ID for Your Pet


If you ever lost your dog, you'd probably want it back as soon as possible. One way to make sure that you can get back your dog is by having it microchipped or by getting a collar ID tag.


If your pet is wearing a collar ID tag, it will be easier for people to get in touch with you if your dog gets lost. Some people might even return your dog to you instantly if they call you up and find out that you're looking for your lost dog.


#8 - Not Cleaning up after Your Dog


One thing that separates dogs from humans is that dogs don't use the toilet. While this makes them more acceptable in public, it also means that they might leave behind a few droppings on the floor.


It's essential to clean up after your dog whenever he goes to the toilet. It's easier to clean up after a dog when you take it out for a walk because there'll be less mess. You can make sure that your dog doesn't make any mess by cleaning up after it every time it answers to nature’s call.




Walks should be enjoyable, both for you and your dog. You don't want your dog to look at you with resentment whenever you pull the leash from the closet. It's essential to do your best as a dog owner and make sure that your dog gets the care it deserves.


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