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Different Ways to Make Your Daily Dog Walks More Fun

Different Ways to Make Your Daily Dog Walks More Fun

Despite the well-known fact that dogs require a walk at least once a day, about 30% of dog owners don't do it. 

One of the reasons for that may be that it's not a fun and exciting thing for many people. When you have to do it every day, it can get boring soon. 

But because your dog's health is important and they do need their walks, your trusted supplier of the best dog collars shares some ways to make your walks more fun so you'll be motivated to do it, too:

Allow Your Dog to Do the Navigation

You can help them out by allowing them to lead your walk. If you're walking in a hilly place, let your dog go where they want to. If they're going to climb up the hills, let them, and if they want to descend to the bottom, let them go there too.

This will help them get the exercise they need and give your dog a sense of freedom. Plus, it'll be easier for you to follow.

Raise Money for Animal Rescue Through Your Walks

If you love animals, you can use your walking time to benefit them. You can try walking to raise money for animal rescue organizations. You can do this by setting up a donation box in a place where people who walk by can donate a few dollars. Through this, you can contribute money to organizations that will help save more animals.

Change Your Routes Regularly

By walking the same route over and over again, you can get bored with it. Moreover, your dog may get bored, too.

To help you change things up, you can change your walking route as often as possible. It'll help you stay motivated and interested in the walk.

Create a Dog Walkers' Group

If you have a dog walking group, you can make your walks more fun. You can get together with your dog walking group to encourage one another to exercise more. You can encourage each other to follow a specific schedule so you can walk to lose weight. Additionally, you can set a goal to walk a certain distance within a certain amount of time.

Set Different Goals Each Week

You can make your walks more fun each week by creating different goals that are achievable. For example, you can have a goal only to use a certain number of treats for your dog for a week.

You can also try to walk a certain distance each week. You can walk in a hilly place to get the extra workout you need.

Bring a Snack for You and Your Dog

If you bring snacks during your walks, you can have something to eat when you get hungry. You can also give your dog some treats and snacks to keep them happy.

Make your walks fun and exciting by bringing your snacks so you can enjoy your walks with your dog.


If you're having trouble walking your dog, you can try the aforementioned methods to make your walks more fun. Do any of these and see how it changes the way you feel about those daily walks. Of course, to make the activity comfortable and fun for your furry friend, make sure that they have the best dog harness and leash set. 

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