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4 Effective Ways on How to Calm Down an Anxious Dog Instantly

4 Effective Ways on How to Calm Down an Anxious Dog Instantly

Anxiety is a condition not limited to humans. Even dogs, the man’s best friend, can also experience a sudden burst of fear which can also cause them to suffer momentarily. Although it doesn’t happen often, it is not uncommon at all. One of the most common causes of anxiety in dogs is abandonment and their environment. But when a dog experiences anxiety for the first time, how do owners calm them down instantly?

  1. Take Them For a Walk

Letting the dogs take a walk for a little bit might help them calm down. They can run around with other dogs in the area, which can help them forget about the cause of their anxiety. If the owner is lucky enough to have a group of friends with dogs, taking them for a walk might help them calm down. If you have a car, drive them around for a bit and if you have a leash, walk them outside. The combination of the stimulation of being outside and the sense of movement can help calm your dog down.


  1. Give Them Physical Contact

If the cause of your dog’s anxiety is being separated from their owner, giving them some physical contact is the best way to calm them down. Whether it’s a hug or a snuggle, the physical contact will reassure them and make them feel safe again. If your dog is a loner and you don’t want to get too close, you can try rubbing them gently between the ears or on their backs.


Physical contact can come in the form of a nice seat on your lap or a simple petting of the head. Physical contact will help them feel more comfortable, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Give them a gentle massage and let them smell your hands. If you’re lucky enough, you might notice that your dog is already calming down.


  1. Offer a Massage

Giving your dog a massage might help calm them down. If your dog is stressed, offering dogs a massage can help them relax. Using a gentle and calm voice is also an excellent way to help your dog forget what is bothering them.

Like humans, dogs can get tense muscles which can cause aches and pains. If you notice that your dog is tight, you should offer them a massage. Place your hand on their body and start rubbing. You can do this while they’re sitting down or lying down. However, never give them massages while they’re jumping around like crazy.


  1. Play Some Music 

Playing calming music can help dogs get into a better mood. The music can help relieve their anxiety and calm them down. Dog owners can play some calming music before going to bed, which can help their dogs sleep. Motionless music and music that sounds like a piano is usually the best way to calm them down. Some dog owners like to play a song with many basses, but that depends on what your dog wants.



The best way to calm a dog down is to use a combination of methods. If they’re too nervous when alone in the house, it’s best to take them for a walk. If they’re too worried when they’re outside, offer them a seat on your lap and give them a massage. Not all dogs react to specific methods, and you should try one or two ways simultaneously.

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