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Why You Should Get an Adjustable Harness for Your Dog

Why You Should Get an Adjustable Harness for Your Dog

Are you looking for the right gear for taking your dog out on walks? You may be choosing between a collar and leash or an adjustable harness. Whether you have a rambunctious dog prone to wandering around or a well-behaved dog that walks calmly, there are various benefits to having an adjustable dog harness.

In this article, we will list the reasons why the dog harness is the perfect solution for walking your dog.

Better Control

An adjustable harness makes it easy to control and prevent any pulling, darting, or jumping that can be difficult with a collar. An adjustable harness wraps around the dog's torso and prevents them from pulling by redirecting the energy. This is particularly useful if you have a rowdy dog that tends to pull in all directions.

Even if your dog is usually calm, it may dart at the sight of a squirrel or another dog.

This better control is also great for training dogs to discourage pulling at the leash.

Preventing Escapes

Since the harness wraps around the torso, it is easy to tighten and prevent escape.

This is especially useful if you have a larger dog and a great way to prevent your dog from digging its way out of a collar.

If your dog attempts to jump a fence, you can find that their escape attempt is stopped and redirected by the harness. Some harnesses are fitted with a handle to help you control the situation and safely prevent escapes.

Preventing Strain on the Neck

Since the harness wraps around the body, there should be no strain on the neck. This is especially important if your dog has neck injuries aggravated by a collar or pulling.

Dogs with short necks or bulldogs will particularly benefit as they have a small neck area that is easily irritated.

If your dog is in pain, a harness can help support your dog's weight and prevent strain from the collar on their neck.

If your dog has chronic allergies, you may opt to replace the collar with a harness that reduces itching and irritation.

Avoiding Ocular Proptosis

A surprising side effect of a collar can be ocular proptosis. If the collar is too tight, it can damage the eye socket and cause the eyeball to pop out.

A dog with a collar on an overly active day can also suffer from eye trauma if the collar is tugged on or if the dog gets hurt during play.

Although this is uncommon, it can lead to a severe injury that could require surgery.


If your dog tends to run around during your walk, they can easily get tangled in their leash or even wrap the leash around you as they walk. A harness lets you control their movement before they can wrap themselves.

When walking multiple dogs simultaneously, it can be difficult to control each dog if their collars get tangled up. If you opt for an adjustable harness, there is no risk of tangling, and it is easy to keep all the dogs under control.


Even the best leash can tangle with the collar and lead to frustration if a dog is overly active on the walk. You may find that an easy walk harness gives you more control and makes the walk more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

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