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6 Benefits of Dog Walking According to Science

6 Benefits of Dog Walking According to Science

Walking your dog could save its life. Researchers have found that if you don't regularly walk your dog, it could shorten its life by a year or more. Recently, a survey discovered that only half of dog owners walk their dogs daily.

Here are six reasons why walking your dog is important for their health and wellbeing.

  1. Walking Your Dog Helps Them Feel Less Stressed Out

Dogs are pack animals. They're happiest when they're part of a pack. So if you work long hours and don't have time to bring your dog along with you, they can feel stressed or lonely. Dogs with separation anxiety can suffer from diarrhea, loss of appetite, and excessive barking or whining.

Aside from the time they spend with you, give your dog time to bond with you and other family members every day. This can help reduce separation anxiety. When you can't be with them, you'll know that their loved ones have surrounded your dog.

  1. Walking Your Dog Has a Positive Effect on Your and Your Dog's Health

Dogs who walk regularly have fewer health problems. A recent survey found that dog owners who walked their dogs for about half an hour at least three times a week had the lowest percentage of health problems. Regular exercise can help prevent or treat medical conditions like osteoarthritis, cancer, and diabetes. It can also reduce stress, boost your metabolism and improve your circulation.

  1. Walking Your Dog Helps Reduce Their Risk of Obesity

A dog should have a body condition score of six to eight for optimum health. A dog with a body condition score of less than five or tipping the scales above ideal can be considered obese. This puts their joints at a higher risk of injury. Obesity can also increase the risk of heart diseases and diabetes, which are potentially fatal. If you're worried that your dog is overweight, talk to a vet.

  1. Walking Your Dog Improves Their Digestive and Urinary Health

Urinary tract infections are more common in less mobile dogs. If you're worried your dog might have a urinary tract infection, take your dog to the vet. Dogs who have chronic constipation and diarrhea would benefit from exercise. Walking can help regulate the digestive system.

  1. Walking Your Dog Helps Improve Their Mental Health

A dog who is overactive and has a lot of energy may benefit from exercise. A change of environment and meeting new people can also improve their mental health. Regular exercise can boost cognitive function and prevent mental decline. This can help prevent them from getting bored. Dogs with decreased cognitive and mental capacity are more likely to develop behavioral issues.

  1. Walking Your Dog Strengthens Your Bond and Reduces Their Loneliness

Your dog would benefit from being walked regularly because it would provide exercise and mental stimulation. They'd also get to spend time with you. Dogs who spend more time with their owners live longer. Dog owners can reduce the risk of their dogs getting lonely by spending time with them in different ways, like taking them on walks or playdates.


Dogs have a lifespan of approximately ten to 15 years. They can have a longer life or a shorter life, depending on their care. Give them plenty of exercises if you want to get the most out of every day with your dog. You can also keep them healthy by feeding them high-quality dog food. Check out the top-rated dog food brands' comparison chart to see which brand is best for your pet.

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