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How to Make Sure Your Dog’s Collar Isn’t Too Tight

How to Make Sure Your Dog’s Collar Isn’t Too Tight

Dog collars aren't just cute, but they can also be used to help identify your dog in case they get lost. But when you're putting on the dog collar, you have to ensure that it isn't making your dog uncomfortable or hindering their ability to breathe. However, how tight is too tight?

Use a Measuring Tape

It's not sufficient to just eye the collar and make a judgment call about whether or not it is too tight.

Instead, you should measure your dog's neck to ensure that he has enough room and to make sure the collar isn't restricting his breathing.

This is best done when the dog is standing up.

You can use a tape measure or a piece of rope that is two to three feet long, wrap it around the dog's neck, and measure. This should offer an accurate number of inches.

Take the dog's measurement and add a few inches to it. You want to add a little room for the dog to wear comfortably.

Checking the Width of the Collar

It's not the length of the collar that is the most important measurement, but the width of the collar.

The dog collar should be just large enough to fit over his head and leave around half an inch of space between the collar and the dog's neck.

If the collar is very tight against the neck, it will compress the veins, which will restrict the blood flow.

If your pet is wearing the collar for just a short amount of time and it isn't tight against his neck, then this probably won't be too much of a problem.

If your dog is wearing the collar all the time and it is tight against his neck, this could lead to a medical condition.

Checking the Manufacturer's Sizing Chart

Not all dog collars are created equal.

When you first purchase a collar for your dog, always check the sizing chart.

If you're buying a collar from a new brand, check the sizing chart to make sure you're purchasing the correct size collar. If the dog collar is too large, it can easily slip over the dog's head, which means it can easily get lost.

Don't take the size of the collar off the dog's head, as this can be a bit misleading.

Instead, measure the circumference of your dog's neck. Most brands also include a neck measurement chart.

If your dog is a breed that is known to have a large neck, such as a Great Dane, you should consider purchasing a custom-made collar created with thicker, wider material.

Look for Signs of Discomfort

When you first put the collar on the dog, you should look for signs that the collar is too tight.

If there appears to be a red mark or the dog is panting heavily, the collar is probably too tight.

A trick you can use is to leave the collar on the dog for an extended period of time. This can be done while they are sleeping or while they are at an off-leash park.

If the collar begins to cause your dog to pant or become restless at any point, take it off.

You should also check the collar regularly to ensure that it hasn't become too tight. This can happen if your dog has gained a little bit of weight.

Final Thoughts

When you put on your dog's collar, make sure that it isn't too tight. The collar should fit comfortably. You should be able to easily slip two fingers between your dog's skin and the collar. If your dog's collar is too tight, it can cause breathing problems and restrict blood flow to the neck. Check a collar regularly to ensure that it isn't getting too tight.

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