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4 Reasons You Need To Use A Leash Or Harness For Your Dog

4 Reasons You Need To Use A Leash Or Harness For Your Dog

While dog harnesses and leashes are just a tool to some, they can become a fashion statement to many! In fact, so many dog lovers spend plenty of time looking for the perfectly-designed dog leash and harness to keep their furry friends in check and look good while doing it!

That said, whether or not you like the designs of leashes and harnesses, you need to have them whenever you're bringing your dog out. Why? Here's why:

  1. Saves Your Dog's Life

When a dog is running free, it's not just the dog who's putting itself in danger. In fact, you don't even need to have your dog off-leash to have it run into trouble. According to some research done, dogs who are not leashed are four times more likely to be hit by a vehicle and 25% more likely to be stolen. Simply put, your dog's life is in more serious danger if you aren't using a leash or harness on them. So, for the sake of your dog's safety, keep them leashed!

  1. Keeps Your Dog Within Your Reach

While your dog may be the cutest thing in the world, it's better safe than sorry to keep an eye on it wherever you go. If you're in a parking lot, putting your dog on a leash is a good idea. Need to go to the bathroom? Keep your dog on a leash while you do it. The point is that leashes can keep your dog close to you, which can make everyone and your dog feel safer.

  1. Reduces the Chances of Fights

Let's face it, dogs can get into fights at any time. Like some human fights, dog fights can be dangerous and even deadly. Fortunately, leashes and harnesses can reduce the chances of your dogs fighting by a ton! Simply put, knowing your dog is leashed and unable to physically attack another dog can make them act calmer, reducing their odds of fighting. If they get into a fight, you can use the leash to keep them in control to calm the situation down.

  1. Stops Your Dog From Chasing Cars And Other Things

While some people may think that their dog knows the difference between a real car and a toy car, there's no guarantee. Even if your dog has military-level training, there's no way of telling if your dog will recognize a car as harmless. Even if you're in an open field, a car's sound is loud and can cause your dog to lose its mind and chase after it. If they're not on a leash, your dog could run out into traffic and get hit by a car. 

And, of course, dogs can end up chasing anything, from bikes to other people. So, for the sake of your dog and everyone else around you, keep your dog on a leash!


If you're a dog owner, you need to make sure you have the right leashes and harnesses. While many people think that leashes are only for "bad" dogs, this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, leashes can help you deal with your dog no matter whether they're "good" or "bad." So, go ahead and grab a leash or harness for your furry friend. To make things more exciting, spend time looking for one that looks great, creating a stunning balance of function and form!

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