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5 Mandatory Pet Rules in Dubai Dog Owners Should Know About

5 Mandatory Pet Rules in Dubai Dog Owners Should Know About

5 Mandatory Pet Rules in Dubai Dog Owners Should Know About

Having a pet is a thought welcomed by many people all over the world. However, owning a pet in certain countries can be challenging as some strict policies and regulations come with it. Nevertheless, you are safe to have a pet as long as you abide by the laws and rules that apply to pet ownership where you live.

On that note, there are different pet rules in different countries. And like any other place, Dubai has a list of mandatory regulations that pet owners must abide by should they feel the need to travel or move to the city.

But worry not, these rules are not as complicated as they seem. And to lend you a hand, here is a short overview of pet rules for dogs currently imposed in Dubai.

1. Registration and Vaccination

It is mandatory to have all pet dogs registered and vaccinated. In Dubai, dogs must have microchips and vaccine shots for rabies and distemper (DHLPP). Pet owners with unvaccinated and unregistered dogs will receive a three-day notice to comply. If you fail to follow within the given time frame, authorities will charge you a fine and confiscate your dog.

2. The Use of Dog Lead Outdoors

In general, Dubai is a friendly place for dogs. However, there has been an increase in incidents involving dogs in previous years, so they have imposed a policy to keep dogs leashed in public places.

It is illegal to walk your dog unstrapped to a dog lead or leash in the city. That said, failure to follow this rule will result in a fine for a first-time offense but will lead to the probability of facing jail time for repeating offenders.

3. Cleaning Up After Your Dog

It isn’t illegal for a dog to poop in outdoor areas, as this is generally inevitable. However, failure to scoop it and dispose of it properly will earn you a fine. There is even a probability of your dog getting confiscated if you stubbornly fail to comply with this policy.

Nonetheless, it’s not so hard to clean up after your dog since dog waste bins are present along walking paths and areas all around Dubai.

4. Pet Damage to a Property or Person

Authorities in Dubai are pretty strict in ensuring that pet owners stay responsible for keeping their dogs under control at all times. With that said, a dog found to cause damage to a property or a person will result in its owner receiving a hefty fine and a written undertaking.

5. Restrictions on Pet Entry

There are many pet-friendly establishments in Dubai, but there are also buildings that restrict pets from entering. On that note, it is vital to get to know which places allow you to take your dog in tow and which do not.

Moreover, you must ask your landlord or host permission to bring your dog along on your trip. If not, you should find an accommodation that allows pets because failure to present a signed letter of approval can result in a significant fine.


Understandably, it can be a hassle to keep up with all these regulations. However, these rules are put in place to ensure that the city stays a safe environment for your dog and the people around it. Thus, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to abide by them.

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