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6 Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

6 Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

As a tropical desert, the weather in Dubai is hot and sunny throughout the year. Summertime in the country is even worse. Since temperatures during this season can reach up to 40 °C, some of our canine friends could be at risk of hyperthermia—also known as heat exhaustion.

Since dogs can't sweat like humans do to cool themselves down, they are more sensitive to heat. While mild heat exhaustion is easily treatable, it's still important to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion so you can alleviate their distress as soon as possible.

Remember that mild hyperthermia may lead to a severe heat stroke if ignored. So to make sure your furry companion stays safe and relaxed this summer, read on how to detect early signs of heat exhaustion.

1. Excessive Panting

As pet owners are aware, dogs pant to cool themselves down. Most of the time, panting is typical dog behavior—they all do it! But if you've noticed that your dog is panting a lot faster than usual, it's a sign that your dog is having problems regulating its body heat.

2. Fast or Rapid Heartbeat

Another symptom of hyperthermia for dogs is a very fast heartbeat. To check your dog's pulse, place your hand on its chest near the front elbow joint. If you feel that the pulse rate is alarmingly fast, it's probably suffering from overheating.

When checking for your canine companion's heartbeat, keep in mind that dog pulse rate differs depending on their size. In general, a big dog should have a slower pulse, while small dogs and puppies have a quicker pulse rate.

3. Thicker and Stickier Drool

It's pretty normal for dogs to drool. But as the fur parent, you're the only one who can tell whether your beloved pet's drooling is a bit excessive than usual. Thick and sticky drool means your dog is dehydrated, so you should get water in him immediately!

4. Dizziness

If you've observed that your dog is having trouble walking straight and keeps bumping into things, it might be a sign of lightheadedness due to dehydration or heat exhaustion. Find a spot with shade and sit with your dog as you give him water and some time to recover. If the symptoms persist even with rest and hydration, it’s best to take him directly to the vet.

5. Vomiting or Diarrhea

Liquid or bloody stool is a big warning sign of hyperthermia. At the first sign of vomiting or watery poop, bring your dog to a veterinarian immediately.

6. Dehydration

It can be pretty tricky to spot whether your dog is dehydrated. If you're worried that your dog might be suffering from dehydration, look for signs such as visible tiredness, excessive panting, and dry nose or mouth.

The Bottom Line

As a pet owner, it's essential to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion. But as the saying goes, prevention is ultimately better than cure. So, before you attach that dog lead on your dog's collar for a walk on a sunny day, make sure you're all set to keep your dog cool while outside.

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