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The Different Benefits Your Dog Gets From Regular Walking

The Different Benefits Your Dog Gets From Regular Walking

The Different Benefits Your Dog Gets From Regular Walking

Dogs absolutely love walking! They instantly get giddy and excited as soon as you pick up their leash. But aside from the typical enjoyment, your dog can get so much more benefits from regular walking, which is why you should make it a staple in their life. 

Walking your dog stimulates their mental, physical, behavioral, and social skills. They get exercise, socialize with other dogs, and it’s the perfect chance to train them, too! Read on to see how regular walking affects your dogs. 

  • Weight and Health 
  • Walking is a form of exercise for your dog, and so it helps them manage or lose the weight that they need to. A sedentary dog can easily become overweight, what with all the meals and treats they get. 

    Even if your dog is active in your home, it’s not enough outlet for their pent-up energy. Moreover, well-exercised dogs tend to behave better when they’re too tired, helping manage weight gains.

  • Mental Stimulation
  • Your dog wants to see the world just as much as you or a child would. Regular walking helps them perceive new things, which act as a foundation for their physical and mental health. If your dog is confined to your home, they can get bored quickly, leading to destructive behavior. 

    Your dog is dependent on you taking them to explore sights, sounds, and smells of the world. They get very excited about new things, too, so you should take them to different places if you can. Help them seize every opportunity for discovery!

  • Socialization
  • Your dog will most likely meet other dogs in one of your walks. It’s a great way to help them learn the socially acceptable ways to interact with other dogs and animals. It’ll also build their confidence, so they are less afraid to make friends with other dogs. 

    If your dog has hints of fear, you can take them to training classes to help alleviate their anxiety. Well-socialized dogs like rough-and-tumble play with other dogs, but they know their boundaries. In other words, they know when to stop and not hurt their friends or themselves. In addition, walking your dog helps expose them to different animals and people. 

  • Training
  • Aside from all the benefits your dog can get, walking is also an excellent opportunity to train them. Since dogs aren’t used to being on a leash, walking them is a good way to teach them to follow your lead.

    Don’t forget to give them treats and rewards, so your dog knows they’re doing a good job!


    A good rule of thumb is to spend at least 30 minutes of physical activity with your dog, may it be walking or any other form of exercise. You can walk your dog to the park, let them play in your yard, or play catch. It can be anything. Just make sure your furry friend gets the physical activity they need! If you’re busy with work, you can take your pets to the doggie daycare! 

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