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4 Reasons Why Dogs Make Better Valentines Than Humans

4 Reasons Why Dogs Make Better Valentines Than Humans

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you may feel giddy about celebrating this special holiday with your significant other. But if you are single, you may feel pressured to go on a date with someone special. To spend this day more meaningfully, consider celebrating it with your dog.

You may think that celebrating Valentine’s Day with your pet is pathetic and lonely, but it’s the complete opposite! In fact, your dog can give you the kind of love you have always longed for. Here are the reasons why your four-legged buddy makes better Valentines than humans:

  • Their devotion to you is testimony to unconditional love

  • A dog is called “man's best friend” for a reason. This is because your pet provides you with loyalty and unconditional love a human may never be able to give you. They never judge even though you come home late without an explanation or scold them for sneaking your favorite food off of your table. 

    When you make your dog your Valentine, you are sure to feel loved. They are devoted and are never late for a date. Best of all, their commitment to you can never be questioned! 

  • They don’t know what Valentine's Day is

  • You can save the hassle and stress of planning Valentine’s Day surprises or booking reservations for expensive dinners. You can also say goodbye to trips to the mall or florist. This is because your dog will be perfectly satisfied with whatever you give him.

    Since your pup doesn’t know about this Hallmark holiday, you don’t have to worry about trying so hard to impress your date. Instead of worrying about slipping into an ill-fitting dress, you can wear something more comfortable. 

    You and your dog can also wear matching outfits. All you need to do is look for a dog collar, dog leash, or dog harness that comes in a color or design similar to your clothes. 

  • They don’t care about gifts

  • The truth is Valentine’s Day is a capitalist construct. This celebration of love can make you feel pressured to give expensive presents and leave you with a hole in your pocket. However, you don’t have to if your Valentine is your dog. 

    Your dog has no expectations. It doesn’t care about material things. To them, what matters most is spending valuable time with you. So if you find yourself celebrating Valentine’s Day with your dog, know that it’s a memorable way to spend the day. You can consider yourself and your bank account lucky!

  • They don’t ask to make up with you

  • Many couples are forced to make up before Valentine’s Day to ensure they can go on a romantic date during this holiday. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that when you make your dog your Valentine.

    Pups don’t hold a grudge, and they aren’t waiting for an apology for the littlest mistakes you make. If you feel guilty for something that you said or did to them, you could always make them feel better with their favorite treats.


    You don’t have to feel alone and frustrated if you are single this Valentine’s Day. You can still enjoy the day without the hassle of going on a romantic date with a human so you can reap the benefits listed above.