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3 Pet-Positive Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Dog Harness

3 Pet-Positive Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Dog Harness

When it comes to taking your pooch out for their daily walks, the type of harness you choose will have a significant impact on their overall safety and comfort every step of the way. If your furry friend likes to push and pull when they’re too excited outdoors, then a harness can make it easier to control their behavior without putting unnecessary stress on their body. 

Not all harnesses are made the same, so different factors will reign supreme depending on your pet’s unique needs. Harnesses can also come at a hefty price compared to dog collars, so choosing the perfect one that fits your dog in every way will be better for your pup and your wallet in the long run. Here are some different types of dog harnesses to consider: 

  1. Back-Clip Dog Harness

Paw-parents caring for a lively bunch of small breeds can benefit the most from back-clip dog harnesses since they offer an acceptable level of control thanks to its single anchor point design. 

The harness mostly relies on a D-ring leash attachment, which sits comfortably between your canine companion’s shoulder blades, making it an excellent option for pets struggling with neck injuries or respiratory conditions. 

Seeing as it only uses one anchor, it won’t hold up well against gentle giants who like to take the lead when traversing the great outdoors, so reserve this pick for your polite pooches. 

  1. Front-Clip Dog Harness

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the front-clip dog harness, which places the D-ring attachment smack in the middle of your furry friend’s chest. Seeing as the position makes it awkward for overzealous pets to pull you around, this is the best option for a wide range of breeds who love to let loose when they step outside. 

Paw-parents will have a breeze walking their excited pets as front-clip dog harnesses offer better control, but only for forward directions. If your pooch has an aggressive streak they haven’t ironed out yet, then this won’t do well in containing jerky movements. 

  1. Dual-Clip Dog Harness

If your pup is learning the ropes of walking around your neighborhood, then the dual-clip dog harness offers superior handling since it has the D-ring on both the back and front of your pooch. 

Overly excited canines who are still fresh with their dog harness training will find this dual-clip a saving grace, especially for teaching stubborn dogs to grow out of their behavioral problems. Thanks to the comfort it provides and its excellent omnidirectional control, the dual-clip dog harness has quickly become a go-to choice for paw-parents and dog trainers worldwide.

The Bottom Line: Putting a Leash on a Happy and Willing Dog to Improve Your Morning Walks 

The right dog harness can elevate the experience for your pup’s outing, allowing you to ramp up the fun without running into complications with your dog’s adventures. 

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