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4 Fun Activities to Keep Your Dog Active Amid COVID-19

4 Fun Activities to Keep Your Dog Active Amid COVID-19

Everyone needs exercise once in a while, including your dog. Staying active helps your furry member release and reduce some behavioral problems, such as excessive licking, chewing, barking, digging, and the other ways they expose their anxiety-related behaviors. This is why going out, running, walking, and playing also helps them build their trust and confidence with their pet parent and their environment. 

However, going out of the house may not always be possible for your pet, especially amid the pandemic. There are also days when it would rain, become too cold to go out or be locked inside the house for weeks or months. 

In these scenarios, you need to be more creative and find ways to help them release the mentioned behaviors. If you are stuck at home amid the COVID-19 crisis, here are four indoor activities that your dog will surely enjoy:

Idea 1: Make a Home Agility Course

If your dog loves the idea of running, jumping, crawling, and other little adventures, this idea will be perfect for them. Find a large enough space within the house for your pet to play in, and make sure there are no valuables that could break or hurt them. You can use simple materials like laundry baskets, broomsticks, or extra PVC pipes to create jump obstacles. Small chairs, traffic cones, and old tires can even do the trick. 

Besides having a fun bonding time with your pet, you get to improve your dog’s obedience skills, stimulate their mind, and give them more physical exercise. 

Idea 2: Help Them Familiarize With More Words

Did you know that dogs can understand around 150 words? Take advantage of their intelligence and help them become familiar with the name of the things they love. You can start with their favorite toys. For example, phrases such as “Here’s the ball,” “Get the ball,” and “Good job for getting the ball” can help them become familiar with what a ball is. Repeat these phrases whenever you play with your pet so that they can understand what you are talking about. 

Idea 3: Play the Classic Game: Three Cups and a Treat

If you need to pass some time, this is a good game that will keep you and your dog entertained. First, place three upside-down cups on the floor and show your dog that you hide a piece of a treat under one cup. Then, let them nudge that cup over and get their reward. You can also add a new treat and shuffle the cup. Increase the intensity of the shuffling as the game progresses and watch them succeed!

This little fun game will teach your pet that picking the cup correctly will earn them a reward. It also helps them utilize their sense of smell in finding where the treat is. 

Idea 4: Teach Them How to Read Hand Gestures

If you think that your dog has learned so much already, there is still another language they need to familiarize themselves with―sign language! It does not refer to the language humans used to communicate with other humans, but these are hand gestures that can help pets expand their minds. Once they learn about this non-verbal language, you can provide instructions even when you are in a crowded and loud environment or need to be quiet for some time. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by adding hand gestures to the commands they already know
  • Allow them to get used to the new command by repeatedly doing it and giving rewards when successful
  • Slowly remove the verbal command and only use hand gestures


All these suggestions will help keep your dog in an active state even if they are stuck with you indoors. With that, their hearts will remain healthy, their joints will stay lubricated, their minds will develop, and they will achieve improved balance and coordination over time. Playing or doing activities with your dog, regardless of the outdoor situation, is not only a fun part of the day for them. It is also an essential part of their daily lives, so make sure to provide them with some attention, care, time, and love!

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