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What You Should Know About Your Dog’s First Leash Training

What You Should Know About Your Dog’s First Leash Training

You are lucky if you live in a place where leashes when walking your pets are not mandatory. However, if your area is strict in that rule or if you want your dog to be safe while outside, using a leash would be your best option. Every dog owner would eventually get to this phase: the dog leash training. Although it is not a simple lesson for both of you, the fulfillment you and your pet would get would make everything worth it. 

When Should Leash Training Begin?

Like the other training they need to undergo, it would be best for your dog to get their leash training while still young. Puppies can have their training as early as when they are four to six weeks old. Targeting the age when they are still fast learners and easily teachable will make the process more manageable.

Why Your Dog Should Get Proper Leash Training

Dogs were born to run around and have fun. The dog leash completely prevents them from doing that. That is why training is essential. It helps them know that being on their leash is a safe and significant thing to wear. Aside from that, here are good reasons that leash training is a must for dogs:

  • No Training Means More Negativity

Not undergoing proper training for leashes would only lead to problems for both of you. Your dog would take it as their loss of freedom, making them cry, while you end up getting frustrated about everything. Avoid these negative feelings by going straight to training. That would prepare you two and remove all these dramas.

  • Wrong Pulling of Leash Can Cause Them Injury 

There is a higher risk of injuring your dog’s neck when you wrongly place and pull the leash. The last thing you want is to be the cause of your dog’s broken neck. 

  • The Leash Serves as a Way to Communicate with Your Dogs

Did you know that the leash is more than an accessory? It can also be used to communicate with or understand your dog’s feelings. Without proper training, you will fail to distinguish when your dog is frightened or when they are attempting to fight. You will also find it difficult to control your dog without them understanding your leash commands. 

Tools and Materials You Need for Leash Training

Before getting your dog on board for leash training, you must first prepare everything they need to get started. Here are some you can include in your training checklist: 

  • A good dog leash of about one to two meters (a non-retractable leash is highly recommended for starters)
  • A quality collar or harness for where you will attach the leash
  • Your dog’s favorite treat
  • Optional: If you have a GPS dog tracker, then better for you and your dog!
  • A must-have: Patience and a positive attitude!

How to Start the Training

The first step to proper dog leash training is to let your dog get familiar with the new accessories it has. The best way to do that is to place the collar on its neck first. When your dog or puppy becomes comfortable with it, only then can you begin to introduce the leash. 

It would be best to introduce the leash when they are inside a safe space. That way, they are in comfortable surroundings and would not feel any danger or threat. Try also to focus their attention elsewhere. Start playing with them for a few minutes while their leash is on them, then offer them treats later. That would help them ease into the experience.


Dog training involves a lot of steps further than what is mentioned in this article. You also need to start exposing your dogs outdoors while wearing their collar and leash, but more training techniques and practice are necessary to do that successfully. Make sure to make time for this training and to do it the right way. Use the best dog harness for your pet and seek the help of professional dog trainers for the best outcome. 

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