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6 Things to Remember When Traveling Abroad with Your Dog

6 Things to Remember When Traveling Abroad with Your Dog

Some people may choose to bring their dogs along for an out-of-town trip, but many pet owners tend to draw the line when it comes to traveling to other countries. That isn’t the most ideal; aside from how you’re going to miss your pupper, think about how your pet will be antsy waiting and looking for you when you’re gone for such a long while.

Our pets are our family, and going on a trip shouldn’t entail leaving your dogs to the pet sitters. It’s definitely possible to bring your pup along for the plane ride, with just a few extra planning and a little more packing with your dog’s accessories and necessities.

Here are a couple of things that you’ll need to remember and consider when traveling with your dog:

1) Dog Breed and Size

Dogs that are bigger in size will be a little tougher to arrange the flight with, since the general rule is that they will have to be classified as checked baggage or cargo. However, if your pup is of petite size, they will be particularly easier as you can bring them with you in the cabin and right by your seat. 

2) Airline Regulations

Different airlines will have their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to flying with your pet, with some prohibiting it altogether. Be sure to catch a flight and check all the relevant information to ensure that you and your pup can board without any hassle. Your pet will likely cost a ticket, so take that into consideration as well. 

3) Veterinarian Consultation

A consultation with your veterinarian will be necessary before going on the trip. Dogs are usually required to have all of their vaccinations before they can get on the plane, and it’d be good for their own safety as well. Remember to ask your vet for a health certificate that will endorse your pet’s official information and health status.

4) Doggy Travel Bag

Your dog’s travel bag is incredibly important to prepare when you commit to traveling abroad with them. Be sure to include all their needed accessories during and after the flight when you’re going around. A dog collar is something that you wouldn’t want to leave behind, since identification and your contact number will be important in case they get a little lost.

5) Pet Carrier Bag

The pet carrier bag will be a must for small-sized dogs and is needed if they’re staying in the cabin with you. Remember that these containers will be weighted alongside your dog, but don’t sacrifice durability and spaciousness for the sake of meeting the set limit. Transporting your pet and ease without putting them in any inconvenience should always come first.

6) Dog Comfort

Most pets may not be accustomed to flying, and they may just sense that shift after taking off. Be sure to reassure them and give them plenty of attention. Pet pee pads in your dog’s travel bag are a must since most airplanes won’t allow you to take your little canine to the bathroom with you.


Following these tips, you and your dog should be able to get to your destination in one piece. Remember to put a leash on your dog while allowing them some time and space to stretch their legs. They deserve the walk as a reward for their good behavior.

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