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The Essential Items You Will Need When Walking Your Dog

The Essential Items You Will Need When Walking Your Dog

Excited to finally take some time out to walk your favorite canine? No matter how much you’ve been looking forward to it, your dog is probably twice as eager as you are. So, make sure you have everything you need before the two of you can get some alone time with nature.

Fortunately, at Pickles DXB, we went ahead and covered all the essentials a dog-walker needs in 2020 and why they’re so important. The criteria for an item to make the list is simple – it needs to be portable and practical while adding comfort and safety to your walks. Naturally, some of these items may seem like an obvious choice while others may surprise you. Go through our whole list, so you don’t miss out on anything.


Dog-walking 101: always ensure you and your pet leave the house with a dog collar. The collar must be comfortable and adjustable as there’s little point to taking your dog out, if he or she is going to be gasping for air throughout the trip. That means you need a high-quality collar that is just tight enough, so that it doesn’t slip out, but still allows you to get your two fingers under it. Make sure you’ve included your dog’s ID tag with recent and relevant information that is easy to read. 

You can browse our selection of dog collars to find what's right for your pet. We’ve prioritized practicality and safety while coming up with some very stylish designs that you’re bound to love. 



Many dog owners prefer to use a harness for multiple reasons. If your dog just doesn’t get the memo and refuses to learn proper leash manners, a harness can be a godsend. A comfortable harness will prevent also pulling and give you a lot more control. The harnesses we offer at Pickles DXB are made with all these factors in mind. Aside from being dog-friendly and high quality, we’ve also got a variety of unique aesthetic options to choose from.


Some dog owners skip out on this one. It may not seem essential, but treats are the best way to instill good behavior in your dog during these walks, because constantly saying ‘no’ may not always work. The last thing you want is for neither of you to look forward to these walks, so once your dog learns good leash manners with the aid of some tasty incentives, your outings will be far more enjoyable.


You need to select the leash that’s fit for your dog. Make sure you don’t get anything too long or flexible because that encourages pulling and won’t provide you with the control you need. At the same time, it needs to be able to withstand any wear that comes with walking a dog – you never know when your pet might get excited and start pulling. At Pickles DXB, we offer a variety of leashes in many sizes and designs that tick all the boxes of comfort and safety.  Ideally, you should be walking your dog on a loose leash. Remember, a tight leash isn’t always the right leash.


It’s a sin for a dog owner to not carry ample waste bags during their walks. You’ll get plenty of mean looks when your dog has to do its business and you’re not there ready to with poop bags, and understandably so. It’s a proper etiquette and the least anyone expects of someone walking a dog.

  1. TOYS

We’ve already talked about using treats as a way to train your dog during these walks, but another great way to incentivize your dog is by bringing along a few toys. Virtually every dog out there loves playing with a ball, so use this power wisely. It’s a great way to get your dog’s attention and just as you would give them a treat for being good, playing fetch can also be used to instill good habits.


If you’re planning on a long walk, your dog will inevitably get thirsty under the sun. As the owner, you need to keep tabs on how your pet is doing and be ready to pull out the water bowl when needed. We recommend a small, collapsible silicone bowl due to the portability they offer. Alternatively, you can opt for one of those dog water bottles that come with a dispenser, meaning you don’t need to carry a bowl and your dog can drink straight from the bottle. These are a good choice if you’ve got limited space and won’t be going too far.


Walking your dog can be challenging, especially during the summer. To make things a bit easier, we recommend you leave the house with some items specifically for yourself. A few items that are must-haves are: sunscreen, sunglasses, disposable gloves, sanitizer and hand wipes (for when you clean up after your dog).


Understandably, all of this may seem like a lot and chances are you won’t be able to fit everything in your pockets. That’s where a compact, spacious dog walking bag comes in. You don’t need anything too big, just enough space for your personal essentials that we mentioned earlier, a few poop bags, a water bowl or water bottle, some treats, and a toy or two. That great thing about a dog walking bag is the peace of mind it gives you. We recommend you pack in advance so when it’s time to go, you just need your bag (and your dog!) before you leave.

And, last but not the least:


We know dog walks are one of the few things that make quarantine a bit more bearable, but that doesn’t mean you can just forget about wearing a mask. As unfortunate as it is, this has become a must-have for the time being, so make sure you’ve got one before you head out.