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3 Ways To Teach Your Pets To Enjoy A Dog Harness

3 Ways To Teach Your Pets To Enjoy A Dog Harness

Paw-parents only want what’s best for their fur-babies and when it comes to elevating their four-legged companion’s comfort during their morning walks, choosing the right is a must! Going for walks is one of the best times of a dog’s daily routine, not only as a fun activity that introduces them to the great outdoors but also as a critical part of their overall health.

While exploring the world - or at least part of your neighborhood - plays a pivotal part in your pooch’s life, it’s no walk in the park. Using a harness can elevate the experience by improving their safety, but you also need to teach them leash manners to maximize its benefits.

Moving forward, the harness training tips below should help save both of you from running into complications with your morning adventures:

Tip #1: Start the Training at Home

Even the best harness won’t do much to improve your outdoor thrills if your dog doesn’t know how to work with the new walking device. Keep in mind that every dog will have a curious streak, which means they’ll likely take time to feel out the new harness.

Testing it out on the streets can lead to major headaches since both of you will need to adjust. That’s why it’s important to harness-train your furry companions in a familiar environment first: your home!

Let them sniff out the new harness and encourage them to associate it with a positive activity. You can start slow by leaving the harness lying around next to them and then take the relationship further by strapping it on before giving them treats every time it clicks.

Tip #2: Make Your Dog Comfortable Wearing the Harness

Once your dog is at ease with the sight, smell, and feel of the harness, it’s time to let them get used to the idea of wearing it - be it a front-clip, back-clip, or dual-click harness. Be patient and allow them to explore your living space while wearing on the harness, so they can learn to move smoothly.

Give them extra affection, praise, or another serving of treats every time they walk and play with the harness before taking the first step to the real deal outdoors.

Tip #3: Teach Commands to Lessen their Tendency to Pull on the Harness

Now that your dog is fully comfortable with the harness, you need to train them to listen to you to minimize pulling. This will take plenty of time and patience, but allowing them to pick up on command prompts would improve your walking experience in more ways than one.

Give them rewards every time they walk properly by your side, and then say a command word every time they pull on the harness. Depending on your dog, this can take months to perfect, but it’s worth taking to make sure your daily outing will be a safe and easy-going experience.

The Bottom Line: Exploring the Perfect Harness that Suits Your Furry Companion

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect dog harness that can elevate your pet’s morning walks, browse our colorful selection at our website! We offer a range of dog-walking accessories that can boost your pet’s safety and comfortability - from the dog collar, leash, harness, and more for every type of dog.