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Dubai in Summer - How to Enjoy Outdoors with Your Dog

Dubai in Summer - How to Enjoy Outdoors with Your Dog

Once it’s summertime again in the Middle East, pet owners may want to bask in the sun and get some fresh summer air. Unfortunately, while it may be a great chance to give your skin some much-needed vitamin D, your dogs may not have the same idea of a fun time. Exposing your pets even for a short period of time can lead to easily fatigued pets, eventually resulting in heatstroke during extreme temperatures. This is why pet parents need to be more self-aware of their surroundings.

How Should You Bring Your Dog Outdoors During the Summertime?

Pets generally have more heightened senses, making them more agile and observant than humans. This makes them better at sensing danger and reacting to different stimuli. Unfortunately, this also means that they’re more vulnerable to changes in the environment. This affects their vulnerability to loud noises, humid air, and even extreme heat. Remember that it’s your task to accommodate their needs whenever you bring them outdoors during the summer.

In this article, we’ll share three precautions you should remember when taking your dog out in the sun.

  1. Watch Your Walkways

It’s common for summertime to affect the environment in numerous ways. Besides increasing the temperatures outdoors, you’ll notice some surfaces and pavements experiencing the same effect. Because of this, these areas will burn insanely hot. 

While humans generally won’t feel this heat since they wear footwear, pets aren’t too lucky. So if you’re taking your dog outdoors, remember to pay attention to where you walk with them.

It’s preferable to walk on the grass under the shade so they won’t burn their paws. Sometimes, they won’t notice the heat themselves until after getting blisters. They’ll usually gnaw at their feet if this occurs, which should be a warning for you to treat their minor wounds before it gets worse.

  1. Bring Water at the Ready

Taking a walk out in the sun can be a refreshing way to get some air and exercise. However, it’s only healthy if you can maintain your hydration levels. If you’re going to take a walk outdoors, you shouldn’t forget to bring a jug of water to hydrate. Since dogs will be more vulnerable to the heat, you should get them something to drink as well. Remember that staying hydrated is just as important as getting enough exercise.

  1. Cool Down Your Pets

After getting home, your pet dog may look more tired than usual. If they’re patting for more than ten minutes at home, it may be the beginnings of hyperthermia due to overheating. Other symptoms will include diarrhea, vomiting, and even loss of consciousness. 

If your pet dog starts exhibiting any of these symptoms, start applying cooling procedures. Use cool running water to regulate their body temperature. You can also place ice packs around their armpits, neck, legs, and inguinal area while they recover. It’s best to call a clinic to receive more accurate instructions on how to proceed.


The summer heat doesn’t have to prevent you from having a good time outdoors with your furry companions. As long as you’re cautious of walking outdoors, you can have some fun even out in the sun! 

Don’t forget that it’s a chance to bring out your summer bod and wear some light and breathable clothing. This also applies to your dogs. If their old collar and leash look worn out and tattered, you may want to upgrade your dog’s look with one of our stylish yet practical walkie sets!

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