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3 Important Commands Your Dog Must Learn and Master

3 Important Commands Your Dog Must Learn and Master

A dog is called a person’s best friend for a good reason. The first time you get a puppy, you make a promise to take care of them by feeding them, bathing them, and showering them with love and attention. In return, your dog will make sure to show you that they love you back by never leaving your side and being with you through ups and downs.

However, an essential part of looking after your dog is teaching them basic training commands. It ensures they won’t give you a hard time, especially when you’re with other people and dogs. Since part of your dog’s daily routine should involve walking them, you will need to know how to control them when they’re out in public and they’re navigating unfamiliar terrain.

Besides that, if you have guests over, your dog must learn how to behave to prevent unwanted incidents from happening. For best results, you should get proper dog accessories to improve their training. Keep reading below to learn the most common dog commands to teach your pet. 



Sit is a basic command that’s often the first trick pet owners teach their dogs because it is the easiest one to do, which your puppy or your dog can learn in a matter of minutes. Once your pet gets used to the command, you will have better chances of having them follow you during training sessions.

Remember to be patient and maintain a positive outlook when teaching your dog and avoid being harsh and demanding at all costs. If you wish to speed up your training, you must have treats in hand at all times to serve as a reward for your dog every time they get the command right.



Down is a helpful command to teach your dog to get them to lay down on the ground as soon as they’ve mastered the “sit” command. While all dog breeds can benefit from learning the trick, it’s much beneficial for bigger dogs.

Once your pet has perfected the “down” command, you won’t have any problems taking them outdoors, specifically public venues where plenty of kids, dogs, and people spend their time too. When strangers find your dog in a relaxed position, they won’t feel scared of walking past them. However, if you wish to keep the situation safe, you should grab hold of their dog leash. 



Besides teaching your dog “sit” and “down” as basic commands, you could also get them to learn “stay” after they’ve perfectly grasped the previous tricks. Telling your dog to stay for an extended period or until you call them over is vital because you teach them the importance of patience.

With the commands “sit” and “down,” you can expect your dog to focus on what you’re telling them to do for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, teaching them “stay” can last for half an hour or more if you keep practicing with them until they get it right, a useful command if you have to be somewhere and you can’t bring your dog. 



Owning a dog requires you to be responsible for them, and if you don’t want them to get in trouble or hurt other people or pets, you must take the time to teach them basic commands. Sit, Down, and Stay are only some of the fundamental tricks your dog should learn even while they’re still a puppy, so when the time comes for them to see the outside world, they’re well-prepared. The same commands will also come in useful when it’s feeding time, and you want them to be more patient, so it feels more rewarding for them when you give them the signal to dig in.

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