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6 Great Reasons to Volunteer at the Local Dog Shelter

6 Great Reasons to Volunteer at the Local Dog Shelter

If you have some free time, it might have crossed your mind to try out and volunteer somewhere. For many people, it can be at a hospital, food bank, or maybe even an orphanage, which are all quite fantastic options. However, if you love pets, why not try a dog shelter?

Many dogs are in need of tender love and attention, and you might just have your heart taken by a little one that you can adopt, take care and spoil with treats and accessories as your own. Whether you're nervous or in need of a bit more of encouragement, here are some reasons to volunteer at the local dog shelter.

1) Make a Difference

If you're looking to do good in the world and make a positive impact, then a dog shelter might be just the place to do it. The dogs in the shelter have been rescued from abusive homes or the cold streets, and they deserve a second chance. By volunteering, you can help the dogs get back to health and get adopted into a loving family.

2) Boost Your Mood

Not only is volunteering at the local dog shelter a good way to do good, but it's also an amazing way to boost your mood. When you walk in, you'll be greeted by a dog who will look at you with excitement. From there, you can pet, feed, or play with the dog, and they will be grateful for it. In turn, you'll feel good and have a happier outlook on life.

3) Practice Being Active 

At the local dog shelter, you'll often be walking around and helping dogs, which is a great way to be active. During your volunteering, you'll be walking the dogs and helping them get exercise, which will help you stay in shape and be healthy. Remember to have a leash though, just so that you won't lose control of these lovely canines.

4) Achieve Work Experience

Many people volunteer because they're looking to get experience in a certain field. If you're looking to become a vet, then volunteering at a local dog shelter is a good way to get some experience. Volunteering will help you learn more about dogs, which will not only help you with vet school but also with getting a job at other dog-related businesses.

5) Meet New Acquaintances

Dog shelters are great places to meet new people. You'll meet the people who run the shelter and others who are setting aside time to visit as well. Some volunteers will be dog lovers and enjoy talking about their beloved pets with you. You can also meet others who might want to be friends outside of the volunteer work.

6) Find a Furry Friend

If you aren't that much of a people person, furry friends are abundant at the local dog shelter. Perhaps you're even actively looking for a new pet, and the local dog shelter might be the place for you to find one. Go and get to know the animals as you look for the perfect pup that you can take home.


If you've been looking for a great way to spend your free time, look no further. Volunteering at the local dog shelter is a great way to make a difference in the world, improve your health, and possibly even find a new furry companion to take care of.

Check out some of the following rescue centers in UAE, where you can volunteer:

1) Stray Dogs Center in Umm Al Quwain

2) Animals and Us in Fujairah

3) K9 Friends in Dubai


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