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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Golden Retrievers

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Golden Retrievers

It's no secret that a dog is a person's best friend. A dog will always be there for you, good or bad, unlike other people. For this reason, many people get a dog if they think they can handle taking care of one. There is a diverse range of dog breeds, such as the Golden Retriever.


Golden Retrievers are a very loyal and friendly breed of dog. They love to be with their owners and stick by them wherever they go. If you want a loyal dog that you can take anywhere, the Golden Retriever is perfect. However, there are some lesser-known facts about them, and knowing them might come in handy if you decide to take a Golden Retriever home. We'll discuss them in this article, so read on below to get started.


#1 - Golden Retrievers Hail from Scotland


Have you ever wondered where the Golden Retriever originated? Well, you probably recognize their trademark golden-brown color, and that's because they originally came from Scotland. They were bred to be hunting dogs, and they were trained to retrieve fallen game.


#2 - Golden Retrievers Are the Best Therapy Dogs


If you ever get a Golden Retriever, you'll discover that they are amiable dogs. There's nothing they love more than showing their owners affection, and that's why therapy dogs are commonly Golden Retrievers. They are very friendly and have a strong instinct to make people feel better.


#3 - Golden Retrievers Are a Hardworking Breed


Golden Retrievers are known to be hard-working dogs. They are well-liked by farmers because they are a very loyal breed and are always there to help. Even if used as hunting dogs, they can also be productive as herd dogs, guarding livestock in the fields.


#4 - They Stay Young at Heart despite Growing Up


The Golden Retriever has a very playful nature for a dog breed. They love to play with toys and often chase balls in the yard. They grow up to be very loyal and lovable dogs, and you'll love them no matter what.


#5 - Eating Is Their Favorite Hobby


Golden Retrievers love to eat, so you have to be very careful with their diet, or else they might end up growing obese. They also love to eat to feel comforted, so they're dependent on their owners.


#6 - They Need Lots of Exercises


Just as they love to eat, Golden Retrievers should get adequate exercise. They are very active dogs and enjoy running in the fields, swimming, and chasing balls. If you don't give them time to exercise, they'll get very restless and might even start chewing on furniture.


#7 - They Make the Best Competitors in Dog Competitions


Goldens have been competing in dog competitions for a long time. They have only ever been winning prizes and being recognized as the best in their category, which shows how great a dog breed they are.


#8 - They Love to Carry Things Around


If something isn't pinned to the ground, you can bet that a Golden Retriever will bring it around with them. They can carry stuffed animals around or even clothes on laundry day. They get very protective over their things, and they love to take them wherever they go. You shouldn't be surprised if they bring things back to you.


#9 - Their Mouths Are Soft


There's nothing worse than having a dog with a mouth that's too rough. This is something that most dog breeds are not known for. Golden Retrievers, however, do not have this problem. They have soft mouths that aren't very likely to hurt you, even when they are being playful. Because of this, Golden Retrievers make an ideal canine companion for children.


#10 - A Consistently Popular Breed


Goldens have consistently been one of the most popular dog breeds in the US for many years. They have been the second most popular for the past decade, only after the Labrador. Getting a Golden Retriever is a good choice for your next dog, and you'll love having one around because of their friendliness and gentle nature.




Golden Retrievers are good dogs to have around, so there's no doubt that you'll be getting a great companion if you decide to adopt one. They will stick by you for life and cherish every minute you spend with them. As long as you take care of a Golden Retriever, it will care for you.

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