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4 Important Reasons to Always Keep Your Dog on a Leash

4 Important Reasons to Always Keep Your Dog on a Leash

Dogs are endlessly curious creatures that love to explore and get very excited about their environment. They’re so easy to love because of their playfulness and energy. But there are times when you have to control your furry friend’s enthusiasm for his or her own safety.

As a responsible owner, your dog’s health and safety should be your first priority. While they love to run free, keeping them leashed is the best choice for you, your dog, and everyone around you. No matter how friendly or well-behaved they are, there’s no reason to let your dog roam around free as anything.

Here are four important reasons to always keep your dog on a leash or harness:

  1. Cars

Dogs absolutely love the chase. If they’re particularly excitable, they will chase anything that moves. Cars, trucks, bicycles—all of it is a game for them! And while letting your dog chase down a toy while you play fetch in your backyard is a perfectly safe activity, a car chase along busy streets is anything but.

Keeping your dog on a leash when you’re outside will stop them from running off and getting themselves in danger. Even if you live in a quiet and sleepy residential area, you never know when a vehicle will suddenly turn up. It’s simply better to be safe than sorry!

  1. Other Dogs

Even an incredibly well-behaved dog can be difficult to control when in the presence of an unfamiliar dog. Dog interactions while in public can be very unpredictable. You never know if one dog’s excitable behavior will be interpreted as aggression, so a dog fight can spark at any second.

It’s best to keep your dog under control and on its best behavior when meeting other dogs in your area. A leashed dog running into another leashed dog poses little to no risk to each other or to you.

  1. Human Interaction

It’s difficult to predict how your dog will react to people and how other people will react to your dog. Sometimes even the most mellow dog will act aggressively against a human for a seemingly unknown reason.

And when your dog interacts with a child, the unpredictability goes both ways. Children often cross boundaries unknowingly, especially when they’re excited. A playful hit or incessant petting from a child may spark aggression in your dog.  

As an owner, it’s your responsibility to keep any untoward incidents from occurring when your dog interacts with another person, no matter the age. Even if you have the sweetest dog in the world, keeping him or her on a leash will make all human interactions as safe as possible.

  1. Your Dog’s Health

When you’re at home, your dog likely feels free to sniff around and pick up and eat anything that looks like food. You work hard to dog-proof your home, but the same cannot be said about the outdoors.

A dog running free will eat garbage, animal carcasses, or even food from strangers. And if your dog eats something he shouldn’t, the digestive problems that follow may be challenging to deal with. 


Dogs love exploring, and as an owner, you want them to be as happy as possible. But there should be a limit to that indulgence—and this includes letting them run free when they’re outdoors. You never know who or what they will run into, or what they will put in their mouth when you’re not looking. A dog leash will keep your dog safe from the outdoors and the outdoors safe from your dog.

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