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Walking an Energetic Dog on a Leash: A Brief Guide

Walking an Energetic Dog on a Leash: A Brief Guide

Walking an Energetic Dog on a Leash: A Brief Guide

As a dog owner, it’s important to include exercise in its daily routine. Exercise ensures that your pet will stay healthy and have an outlet for its extra energy. However, if your furry friend gets too excited and it becomes too hard to get their leash in, you’d have to deal with some problems instead of having a fun time.

If you want to know how to handle your energetic dog during walks, keep reading for our brief guide.

Why Do Some Dogs Get Hyper Energetic When They See Their Leash?

Having an energetic dog means that it will have a high energy level all the time. If this energy is not released, it will definitely lead to some problems. This is why dogs will get excited when they see their leash. It’s a sign that they’re ready to run around and have fun.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Gets Over Excited upon Seeing Its Leash?

  1. Tone Down the Excitement by Asking Your Dog to Sit

Before you put its leash on, you must keep your dog at its place. Asking it to sit will make it easier for you to control it, and it will help you keep its energy at bay.

  1. Walk Away from Your Dog If It Exhibits Too Much Excitement

Once your dog has been calmed down, you can try moving away from it. This will let your dog know that it will have to stay still if it wants to receive more affection and attention. When you’re walking, never turn your back to your dog.

  1. Don’t Give In to Your Dog’s Strategies

If your dog is trying to jump at you or even pull you, it means that it’s using its tactics to wear you out. Once you yield to these strategies, it will only make your dog’s behavior worse. When your dog gets too excited, you can turn away from it and ignore its actions. The problem will stop once you start ignoring your dog.

  1. Invest in a Dog Harness to Make Walking Safer for Your Dog

When you have an energetic dog that needs to be walked, always take preventive measures to avoid any problems. If you’re having a hard time controlling your dog, switch to a dog harness to make walking your dog a lot easier.

What Is a Dog Body Harness?

A dog’s body harness is a strong strap that goes around the dog’s body, with a leash in the center. It is made with lightweight, strong materials, and it has D-rings for you to attach the leash. It has chest and belly straps that provide additional support, comfort, and control.

The dog body harness will make walking and handling your pet more manageable, especially if the pup is too excited and hard to handle.

What Type of Dog Body Harness Should You Buy?

  1. Front Attachment Harness

This type of dog body harness is the traditional or classic style. The leash attaches to the front of the dog’s chest. It features a buckle-style closure, and it’s easy to put on. However, it doesn’t give a lot of control over the dog or when it pulls too hard.

  1. Back Attachment Harness

This type of body harness provides more control over the dog. The leash attaches to the back portion of the dog’s body and it is held snugly against their torso. This eliminates pull and stress to the dog’s neck and throat.

Final Thoughts

If your dog is energetic and you’re having a hard time handling it, you should definitely invest in a dog body harness. It will make managing your furry friend a lot easier, and it will also allow you to walk him safely.

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