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Using a Dog Collar or a Dog Harness — What to Know

Using a Dog Collar or a Dog Harness — What to Know

If you own a dog, then you know that your responsibility involves showering them with love, feeding them, bringing them to the vet, training them, and walking them daily. Walking is an essential part of caring for your dog because it helps release their pent-up energy while also giving them some avenue to exercise and stay healthy.

You can choose to either use a dog collar or dog harness to take your pet on a walk in public without worrying about them straying away from you or bothering other dogs or people. Having your dog with you at all times is necessary, especially if they aren’t used to walking outside off-leash yet.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you want to stick to a dog collar or a harness when taking them out. However, if you need help deciding, you must know what both entail! Keep reading below to learn more about dog collars and dog harnesses to give you an easier time making up your mind. 


Benefits of a Dog Harness

It Works for All Breeds

A dog harness is a great option regardless of the size or breed of your dog. It will work well with small breeds like chihuahuas and toy poodles, medium breeds like French bulldogs, or large breeds like Labradors.  

It Keeps Your Dog Safe

According to the members of the American Kennel Club, they prefer harnesses over collars because it provides you a safer hold of your dog. It’s crucial to not only keep your pet safe at all times but also the other dogs and people around you. 

It Offers Better Control

When you’re new to walking your dog, and they aren’t familiar with their surroundings, it’s all the more reasons for you to keep them in a harness to prevent them from running away. While it’s normal for dogs to be curious, it’s important to show them who’s the master without getting them hurt.

It Provides Convenience

Using a dog harness is easy because you can put it on your dog and remove it without struggle. If your dog is still quite young, you will benefit from a harness better since the muscles on their neck are still developing, so it may not be a good idea to use a collar right away.


Benefits of a Dog Collar

It Works as Easy Identification

Putting on a cute dog collar on your pet isn’t just for aesthetics. It’s useful because it serves as their ID tag, which you will need in case of an emergency, such as if your dog goes missing. While you know you’ll do everything you can not to make that happen, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  

It Comes in Various Choices

Like harnesses, collars come in different options, so you don’t have to settle on the traditional collar. There is a flat buckle and slip collar, which is excellent if you require better control over your puppy to prevent them from straining away, and a prong collar, one used for training.

It Gives Your Dog Comfort

As a caring dog owner, you want to guarantee your dog is comfortable, happy, and satisfied all the time, especially when they’re out on a walk with you. Incorporating the perfect collar size for your dog is integral to keep them from slipping out of it and having you run after them.



Now that you have a better idea of how dog collars and dog harnesses work, in the end, what you choose to get all comes down to your preferences and your dog’s needs. Remember to get a dog leash as well, so you are free to walk your dog without ever worrying about their safety.

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