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Should You Let Your Dogs Stick Their Heads Outside the Car Window

Should You Let Your Dogs Stick Their Heads Outside the Car Window

Does your dog enjoy hanging his head out your car’s window? This may seem adorable and totally harmless, but doing this exposes your dog to potential dangers. Here are some information you need to know: 

Why Do Dogs Do It? 

Dogs don’t hang their heads out the window because they want to enjoy the view; they do this because it helps them smell better. It gives them sensory overload that is so pleasant to them. Dogs enjoy smelling new scents, which is why they stick their head out of a car window because it allows them to take everything in easily. 

Is It Dangerous?

There are plenty of potential dangers when dogs do this, such as: 

  • Fall risk: This is the most obvious danger your dog could get into when he hangs his head outside your car’s window. It increases your dog’s chances of falling out of the car. This is especially true for small dogs, because they can easily tumble through the space between the window and top of the car. Your dog could get seriously injured, or worse, not survive when he falls out of the car. 
  • Flying debris: It’s easy for dogs to get injured by flying debris while their heads are out of the window. This is also why vehicles have windshields to protect us from debris and other things in the air. When you’re going fast, a small rock that hits your dog can cause big damage. Surely, you don’t want this to happen to your beloved pet.
  • Ear damage: Your dog’s ear tissue can get damaged when he sticks his head out the car window. Continued wind pressure can cause damage to the flaps of their ears, and over time, cause even more damage. 

Should You Allow Them to Still Do It? 

Many dogs do enjoy hanging their heads out a car window and enjoy all the smells. However, you need to be responsible because it’s your job to keep your dog safe. Although it’s best to be avoided, it can’t be helped at times. The best thing to do is let your dog enjoy hanging his head for a few minutes to minimize safety risks.

Where Should Your Dog Ride in the Car?

In line with this topic, many pet owners are curious to know the best and safest spots dogs should sit in the car. Some vehicle owners would hold their dog in their lap while driving, but this isn’t safe. Having your dog on your lap while you drive is distracting, which can increase your chances of getting into an accident. 

In the case that you have a pickup truck, you might think that the best spot for your dog is at the back of your truck, but this isn’t a good idea. Having your dog sit at the back of your truck can make them fall out, hit by debris, sustain ear damage, and can even suffer from heatstroke. 

It’s best to use a travel harness to secure your dog in the backseat. You can also get a travel carrier to keep your dog in place. 


There’s no stopping you from bringing your dogs to drive along with you, but you should keep in mind that they should remain safe at all times. Invest in a durable harness to keep your pooch in place as you both enjoy the sights and scents of the road trip.

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