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Professional Dog Grooming Services vs. Do-It-Yourself

Professional Dog Grooming Services vs. Do-It-Yourself

We all know the truth: Our dogs love to get dirty, no matter how cute you want them to look all the time. We can also safely deduce that they have a nasty habit of getting filthy. Because of this, maintaining the cleanliness and grooming of our adorable, lovable pups becomes a full-time job, especially if we do it ourselves. However, it may not always be acceptable to groom your own pets at home.

We’re all too familiar with the convenience of sending our dog to our favorite pet groomer’s place, but every visit inevitably costs us a lot of money. Because of this, we often face the dilemma of grooming our dogs or simply hiring a professional to do it for us. 

Now, we’ll weigh the benefits and drawbacks of professional dog grooming services vs. do-it-yourself grooming:

Home Grooming for Your Dogs

If you want to groom your dog yourself, you'll need an all-inclusive grooming kit that includes a brush, shampoo and conditioner, toenail clippers, and hair clippers are among the essentials. While the cost of these items seems expensive at first, you can consider them an investment. After all, you will only need to replace such supplies on occasion.  Another benefit of doing your own grooming is that your dog may be less anxious and stressed than if you left them with a groomer. 

It's acceptable if you're new to grooming and need to brush up on the fundamentals first. However, there are some disadvantages to DIY dog grooming, such as the time required to groom your dog if you are inexperienced. 

You'll also need to discuss which cleaning products are best for your pet's breed and health with your veterinarian. It’s also important to remember that cleaning up after your dog can be a laborious task. Grooming your dog yourself will take time and effort regardless of your level of experience.

Professional Dog Grooming Services

Simply put, only experienced professional groomers would be able to groom your pet better than you ever could. For one, they can groom your dog in various ways, such as de-shedding or shaving a matted coat, check for ear infections, and inspect anal glands—all while using the necessary tools and equipment. 

One disadvantage of consulting a professional is the cost of some specialized treatments. Furthermore, leaving your dog at the groomer for even a few hours can cause stress and anxiety due to the busy and noisy environment. So, it may take some time to find the right groomer for your dog.


It’s relatively simple to assess which option would be best for you and your dog. From financial budgeting to time, the decision is entirely dependent on your situation. You must consider whether you can afford a professional groomer or have the patience and time to groom your dog yourself. 

While you can save money by learning how to groom your dog on your own, know that you can also space out or cut down your dog's grooming visits to once or twice every quarter. Either way, both could be great options!

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