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Is It Safe to Remove Your Dog's Collar at Night

Is It Safe to Remove Your Dog's Collar at Night

Among the different things you get for your furry family member, one of the most important items that will never lose its importance is the collar they wear.

Just like how important your wallet is to you, a dog’s collar is something that can never be off or away from them because of how it helps keep them safe during emergencies. While you may not think much of your dog’s collar because of how used you are to seeing it, the fact is that it’s definitely something that plays a key role in your furry family member’s life. When you look at the average accessory, you’ll eventually realize that its importance is broken down into three purposes: 

  1. Ensuring easier control for better discipline during training
  2. Providing your dog’s personal identification and contact information in case they end up getting lost or accidentally leave home
  3. Giving your furry family member a fashionable way to show their unique personality, thanks to the variety of colors and available materials (such as an option from Pickles DXB’s products)

Given the importance of a collar to you and your dog, it’s clear that nothing can replace it because of how much of a difference it makes to your dog’s safety, comfort, and enjoyment. At one point or another, you’ll end up considering the fact that taking off the same piece of apparel helps your four-legged loved one stay comfortable. But is it a safe move to your dog’s collar at night?

Do dogs actually enjoy wearing collars?

The main reason you may consider removing your dog’s collar has a lot to do with ensuring that they’re as comfortable as possible. However, most fun parents aren’t as aware of whether or not taking off the piece of canine clothing in question actually makes a difference. 

Generally, dogs don’t enjoy wearing collars if they have skin and neck sensitivities since the way the pieces are built is more likely to aggravate such conditions. Fortunately, this is a common problem that can be easily circumvented with the use of something like a comfortable and suitably constructed harness!

Beyond skin and neck sensitivity-related matters, another point to consider when determining whether or not your dog actually enjoys wearing a collar lies in the way that it fits. If you’ve been securing your puppies’ “clothing” a bit too tight, then they won’t take too kindly to having it on, meaning that taking it off is definitely something that will be met with a much better reaction.

Is removing the collar at night a smart idea?


Admittedly, you could feel a bit of apprehension towards removing the collar of your furry family member because of how devastated you would be if you were to suddenly lose them. However, letting your furry pal take a breather every night by taking their collar off isn’t as dangerous as you think, as long as you consider the right matters.

If you’re thinking about removing your dog’s collar at night so that they can sleep in peace and with greater comfort, here are some tips you need to use before doing so:

  • Ensure that your furry pal is in your enclosure (but if they stay in your room, then there’s no need to worry)
  • Take your dog out for one final bathroom break so as to avoid restlessness in the middle of the night


While your furry family member is protected and stylish when they wear their collar, it’s vital to ensure that you remove it at night so that they get some much-needed comfort. By considering the key factors mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that you keep up a great job of keeping your dog as comfortable as possible when it matters most! 

At Pickles DXB, we take pride in the fact that we supply the dog collar in Dubai, UAE, that any fur parent will ever need to protect their beloved pet. If you want to take a more conscious step towards protecting the health of your fur baby, check out our online store and place your order today!