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Gen Zs Are Seen to Be Excellent Dog Owners - Here’s Why

Gen Zs Are Seen to Be Excellent Dog Owners - Here’s Why

Members of Generation Z or Gen-Z are known to be independent thinkers, socially minded, and are seen to be the shapers of the future. On top of these qualities, they are deemed to be great dog owners! What clearly sets them apart from the rest when it comes to pet owning? Let’s find out.

Gen Z-ers Promote High Standards for Pet Food

According to research, Gen Z pet owners prefer to give their pets biscuits, cookies, snacks, and other yummy treats. 

Gen Z members are young consumers who aim to have a natural and healthy lifestyle, applying it to their pets. Most Generation Z-ers give their pet healthy and organic food. They are more aware and conscious that ingredients in these foods can give their pets a healthier way of living. 

Gen Z pet owners also prefer brands selling pet products that are sustainable and of top-notch quality. They buy treats and foods for their pets from supermarkets, ensuring that they can acquire convenience, quality, and customer service experience.

Gen Z-ers Aim to Give Their Pets Fun and Excitement

Research found that Gen Z-ers consider using pet-related innovative products. Some of these tech products include tools to entertain pets and not only to keep them safe. Since members of Generation Z are more aware of the significance of mental health, they also opt to utilize the power of technology to provide tech solutions so that their dogs and cats will not suffer from anxiety due to various reasons. 

Gen Z-ers View Their Pets as Their “Furry Babies”

Unlike other generations who treat their pets as companions, Gen Z-ers consider their pets their four-legged children. Amazingly, they even celebrate their pet’s birthdays. You can also notice that they dress up their pets during special occasions.


Gen Z-ers Recognize the Healing Power of Pets

This pandemic has brought adverse effects, especially to people’s mental health. Gen Z-ers recognize the healing benefits of pets to overcome such health issues. In return, they provide their pets the love, comfort, and joy that they deserve. 

A report says that 92% of Gen Z pet owners proved that their pets help them lower the level of loneliness, stress, and anxiety during difficult times. Some of them also mentioned that being with their pets makes them feel more secure. Some other pet owners shared that their pets taught them to be more responsible.


Gen Z-ers Are Fond of Viral Pet Content

Gen Z-ers are more updated with today’s trending content, including pet-related ones. Social media channels like “The Dodo,” Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook have been sharing cute and uplifting content about pets. Studies have shown that Gen Z-ers are more likely to follow and appreciate these types of content. They also use these channels and platforms to share relevant content about how they enjoy their journey with their pets. These channels also serve as a source of positivity and happiness to various age groups.


Generation Z has interestingly redefined the relationships between pets and pet owners. They treat their pets more than a domestic member in their homes. Rather, pets are considered family members and are given a ton of love, care, and attention. And that is exactly what makes them excellent pet owners!

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