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Best Dog Harness: Answers to Your Top Questions

Best Dog Harness: Answers to Your Top Questions

Many dog owners make the mistake of thinking that all dog harnesses are just the same - nothing more than a latch and a catch. But the thing is, you’ll find different types of harnesses of varying qualities, and choosing the best dog harness for your dog is a responsibility that all dog owners should take seriously. 

The best dog harness should have characteristics like comfort, durability, and mobility. It should be able to handle daily wear and tear. The material should be non-irritating and comfortable. 

In this article, Pickles DXB answers the most common questions about dog harnesses:

What Dog Harness Is Best for Large Breeds?

Large breeds like Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds, among others, need a harness that’s comfortable yet durable. It must have padded straps and a padded chest plate that can prevent chafing. 

The harness should be fitted properly and allow for a good range of motion so that the dog can move around freely and naturally.

Not all dog harnesses are designed for large breeds. While some manufacturers include adjustable straps, you’ll find that the extra strap length can be a hassle. Extra straps add bulk and may create a lot of noise, making them unsuitable for hunting and other types of activities.

What Dog Harness Is More Suitable for Smaller Breeds?

Small breeds like Poodles, Maltese, and Shih Tzu need a small dog harness that’s lightweight and preferably clip-on. Because these dogs are generally very active, a small dog harness must keep them secure on all occasions.

A small dog harness must be comfortable, durable, and lightweight. It should have a padded chest plate to prevent chafing and a padded backplate to prevent the dog from getting scraped from the leash.

Because of their size, a small dog harness should be able to distribute the weight of the dog’s body over a wide surface area. A harness that’s too big or too heavy for the dog could cause it to lose its balance, slip, or get injured at worst.

Because small breeds are more delicate, a small dog harness shouldn’t have a chest strap. A chest strap can bruise the dog’s ribs and damage its spine, and could cause it to suffer a fatal injury.

What Is a No-Pull Harness?

There’s a variety of harnesses available in the market today, but a no-pull harness is very different from the others. It’s designed to prevent dogs from pulling, but not through the use of pain or discomfort.

Instead, it’s designed to redirect the dog’s energy to something else. It’s intended to make it easier for owners to walk their dogs, allowing them to have better control over their canines.

While a no-pull harness won’t completely stop a dog from pulling, it can still be a great training companion.

Here, Pickles DXB answer some of the most common questions you might have about no-pull harness and harness in general: 

How Tight Should the Harness Be?

A dog harness must be appropriately fitted to not cause the dog any discomfort. The harness should not restrict the dog’s movement or breathing.

The dog harness should be fitted so that it’s neither too loose nor too tight. A loose harness could slide off the dog’s body, while a tight harness could cause chafing or discomfort and restrict the dog’s movement.

Fit the harness properly by following the sizing guides included in the package. You should also check the harness regularly to ensure that it hasn’t caused sores or discomfort for the dog.

Is It Okay to Let a Dog Wear Harness 24/7?

It’s not. A dog harness should only be used during training or on a walk. Because dog harnesses are not made for long-term use, wearing a dog harness 24/7 could cause it to lose its elasticity and durability.


There are many types of dog harnesses in the market today. Some are made for large breeds, some for small breeds, and some for both. Finding the best dog harness for your dog involves a lot of research and a good understanding of what your dog needs.

Pickles DXB is where you’ll find the best dog harness, collar, and other accessories for your beloved dog. Check out our collection today!