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5 Easter-Themed Activities for Your Dog to Enjoy

5 Easter-Themed Activities for Your Dog to Enjoy

With Easter fast approaching, you may be wondering how you and your canine companion can take part in the festivities. While candies and chocolate eggs are off-limits to your puppy, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with them this Easter. You better bring out the dog collar and make preparations so you and your fur baby can participate in these Easter-themed activities that you’ll surely enjoy.

Dress Your Dog Up

The best way to start your Easter celebration is to wear the appropriate attire. Easter is the perfect occasion to dress up your dog in an Easter Bunny-inspired costume or even a baby chick! After all, who doesn’t want to dress their dog up in a cute outfit? In fact, you should wear one as well—go in with a matching costume with your pet to really get them excited with all the festivities!

Take Easter-Themed Photos

To make the most out of your getup, you can arrange an Easter-themed photo session with your canine companion. Take your dog out for a walk while in full costume and take a couple of pictures with them. You can also bring a toy or two to engage your puppy and shoot to your heart’s content! 

Have a Dog-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

Any Easter celebration wouldn’t be complete without an Easter egg hunt. Instead of the usual egg hunt, you need to make it more dog-friendly by placing their favorite treats instead of chocolate and candy! 

If you have kids around, it’s better to host a separate egg hunt for your dogs to make sure there aren’t any chocolate eggs lying around for your puppy to find accidentally. To make it more dog-friendly, you should:

  • Ditch the chocolates and plastic eggs; use fresh, hard-boiled eggs instead.
  • Keep your pet away from plastic grass.
  • Fruits and veggies can also be used as treats, but don’t overfeed them.
  • Any fabric-stuffed chew toys should be pet safe.
  • Make sure all the eggs you placed are accounted for and are not left to rot in your garden.
  • Don’t leave small plastic toys lying around.

Make an Easter Basket

Making an Easter basket is also a great way to include your dog in the festivities. But like the egg hunt, you need to make it pet-friendly. 

Using ordinary baskets is a no-no since they are easily splintered and can injure your dog when they chew on it. If you can’t find an Easter basket that’s safe for your dog, you can improvise by just decorating their food bowls with Easter-inspired designs using food coloring! Just fill their bowl with treats, and that’s as good as having their own Easter basket.

Go on a Long Walk

You may have overindulged on Easter snacks with your puppy with all the veggies and eggs you’ve given them. A great and healthy way to end the celebration is to get the collar and leash and have a nice, long walk with your dog around the neighborhood. You can even take some more pictures while taking a stroll or meet with some of your pet’s canine friends. It’s good to burn some calories while keeping your fur baby physically stimulated.


Springtime and Easter is an excellent time for you and your dog to have fun and just bond together. No one can ever tell you that Easter is just for kids—even canine companions can join in and have their own kind of fun too. Your dog will surely love all the Easter-themed activities, especially with all the treats you’ve prepared for them.

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