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4 Mistakes Dog Owners Make With Grooming Services

4 Mistakes Dog Owners Make With Grooming Services

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on what breed you’ve adopted as part of your family, will require various trips to the local pet store for dog grooming. Your new family member might need a trim after some months or a visit to a dog groomer to help the furry friend stay clean and healthy. Just as you would get a haircut, some breeds will require a periodic visit to the pet salon.

While many people think that dog grooming is black and white, owners make some mistakes when attempting to do the work themselves. Some inexperienced groomers might also make these mistakes, so it is essential to clarify what you want with your pup based on this guide. Here are the top five mistakes canine owners make with dog grooming services:

  • Shaving Your Dog

  • Whether you live in a hot climate or a more temperate one, shaving your dog is not a good idea. Despite what others have said about dog grooming during the summer months, shaving off your furry friend’s hairs doesn’t always make them comfortable. If you often play with them outdoors during sunny days, the lack of a coat can make them feel warmer than they usually would because dog skin is thinner than human skin. 

    Most breeds have a perfect length for their coat, and completely shaving it off can cause temperature regulation issues. It may also damage follicles, which will cause problems with regrowth. The trick is to trim your dog’s hair instead of shaving it entirely, as they are born to survive with their respective coats. 

  • Not Rinsing Thoroughly After a Bath

  • Bathing your dog is a requirement whether you bring them to a dog grooming center in your local pet store or do it yourself. You’ll want to soap them up with a generous amount of suds with a good shampoo at least once a week. While it isn’t good to fully expose their heads to water, it is good to use a wet rag or towel to clean their faces. Afterward, many people make the mistake of not rinsing the soap off thoroughly. 

    Dog soap can often be strong and will irritate if left unwashed. Giving them a good spray with a shower head is the perfect strength for them to stay comfortable while being bathed. As soon as you see the suds disappear, it can be safe to wipe them down. Additionally, add extra caution and effort for hairy dogs with a thick coat, as soap can get stuck deep inside their fur. 

  • Washing the Inner Ear Canal

  • Dogs shouldn’t be washed in their inner ear area, as this can cause ear infections because of the water or soap getting left inside, causing bacteria to grow. These infections will irritate your dog and are very complicated to treat, so always wash their heads with a wet towel instead of spraying them directly with a hose or sprayer. After their bath, dry their ears well by using cotton balls.

  • Giving Your Dog Too Many Baths

  • While a stinky dog can be nasty, avoid giving them more than one to two baths a week. Dogs require a natural coat of oil on their hairs to stay healthy, Dried follicles can cause allergies and irritation, so if you can stretch their bath times longer, this will help their coat look smoother and give them fewer irritations. One trick you can use is to wipe them down after going out of the house, as this is less damaging to their skin than giving them a full bath with soap and water. 


    Dogs are less demanding in terms of hygiene than humans, which means dog grooming services should be done sparingly and with care. Our furry friends are typically more sensitive to various products and even the environment, which means that owners must do their best to keep their dogs well-treated. Your local pet store will typically be able to provide quality grooming for your best friend. 

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